leave the marketing up to us.

We are marketing consultants who specialize in taking the burden of getting new customers off of your plate. That way, you’re free to focus on the things you do best. 


Our unique focus is working with educational institutions. We have worked with extracurricular organizations, schools, colleges and universities, and the U.S. Department of Education.

We work with both large and small businesses, both in the private and public sector. 

why hire consultants?

Many companies and organizations believe that they need to hire a full-time, in-house marketing person. The truth is that most companies don’t need someone in-house, let alone full-time. 

Outsourcing your marketing is more efficient and cost-effective for everyone involved – plus you won’t have to pay for benefits, FICA taxes, PTO, and so on. 

To get some instant clarity about the benefits of working with consultants, watch the free video training we’ve put together for you. 





Trivium is a Latin word that means “where the three roads meet.” It is used in education to refer to the foundation of learning, and the three “roads” are grammar, logic, and rhetoric. 

Grammar is the structure of a language or input – the architecture or mechanics that must be understood in order to interpret information. 

Once the structure of something is understood, we can move onto logic – the analysis and thoughtfulness we use to arrive at factual and trustworthy knowledge. 

Arriving at factual knowledge, the goal is to share it and persuade others. This is done through rhetoric. 

our “grammar”

No matter what services you’re interested in, our starting point is always developing a deep understanding of your business and its mechanics.

our “logic”

Once we’re in the know, we go to work developing strategies and putting together a blueprint for how to get you to exactly where you want to be. 

our “rhetoric”

Here’s where we put the strategy and blueprint into action, using a custom tailored combination of methods and platforms to get you results, fast. 

what's your grammar?

Our solutions aren’t plug-and-play. We’re committed to truly getting to know you and your business – that’s why we offer the opportunity for you to jump on a free strategy call with us. 

The strategy call is truly complimentary, and there are no pressures, obligations or anything. Simply click the button below.

it's nice to meet you.


Olivia Shuler

Olivia started out working in the marketing department of a Fortune 100 company and quickly realized that there had to be a better way to get new customers. She left that job and set out on her own, determined to find the key to effective, reliable marketing. 

And she found it! Click here to hear all about it.

At Trivium Consulting, Olivia puts her design skills to work creating awesome branding, graphics, and websites (like this one!). She also works on marketing strategy and building client relationships. 

In her free time, Olivia teaches yoga and enjoys making art. 

alex copy

Alex Addington

Alex is an entrepreneur that has been involved in the digital marketing industry for several years. His experience began when he started his first eCommerce business and was searching for a consistent way to get more customers. 

After meeting Olivia, things really began to take off – so much so, that they decided to join forces to share their marketing talents with the world.

At Trivium consulting, Alex takes the best parts of your business and systematically uses the latest digital marketing techniques to broadcast them to the customers that are right for you.

He also owns and operates a boutique data center.

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